How to Open Your Keyring with Ease




Opening a keyring can be annoying and wreak havoc on your nails. Just when you think you have pried them open, they can snap shut just as fast. Luckily, this is a problem that can be solved, and we will demonstrate here how you can open your keyring with ease.

Since our keyrings are extremely secure and durable, they are often difficult to open with fingernails alone. Therefore, it is best to retrieve a knife, screwdriver, box cutter, or another sharp tool. This will save you time and trouble, helping you effortlessly crack open your keyring while keeping your fingernails and sanity intact



 how to open keyring

If you are using a knife or a screwdriver, simply follow the steps below to open your keyring:

    Take the edge of the knife or screwdriver and press it against the keyring at a 45-degree angle (close to where the keyring opens). This will help the blade do the heavy lifting for you, and it will simply slide under a part of the keyring and lift it up.

      open key ring with screwdriver

        Go ahead and apply some pressure to the tool of your choice. This will lift up the end of the keyring further so that it is easy to slide your key right on.

          add key on keyring

            Begin rotating the keyring while pushing the key through it (keep doing this until the key is all the way on the ring and secure).

              tool to open keyring


              Another option is to use a staple remover on your keyring.

              This is a good option because its “teeth” are stronger than your fingernails and certainly slimmer than your fingertips. Therefore, they are easy to wedge between the coils of the ring and pry them open. Simply follow these instructions to use a staple remover on your keyring:

              When you have inserted the tip of the teeth of the staple remover on your keyring, squeeze down to create an opening.

              Slide your key or other item onto the metal ring and rotate it until it is all the way on the ring and secure.

                staple remover for keyrings